Finance Kalon Karma Yeshi Meets European Parliament’s Tibet Interest Group

​From left: Representative Tashi Phuntsok, MEP Thomas Mann and Finance Kalon Karma Yeshi at the European Parliament.

BRUSSELS: Karma Yeshi, Finance Kalon of the Central Tibetan Administration participated in the monthly Tibet Interest Group (TIG) meeting at the European Parliament yesterday as a special guest. The Chairman of the group Mr Thomas Mann having opened the conference presented Mr Karma Yeshi to the meeting and requested him to address the gathering.

Mr Yeshi informed that he was on a visit to Switzerland and Belgium and that he was primarily invited to the 10 March rally in front of the UN at Geneva as the chief guest. In between, he has taken out two days to visit Belgium and meet with Tibetan community and undertake consultation with Tibetans in order to enhance the Tibetan participation in the Green Book contribution.

Mr Yeshi thanked the European Union and Parliament and especially TIG for its consistent support of the Tibetan cause. He underlined major aspects of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s contribution to the world peace and indeed for the Tibetan cause. He made special mention of the various resolutions passed by the European Parliament on the Tibetan issue.

At being asked by Mr Mann to elaborate on the working of Tibetan Parliament and budgetary system, Mr Yeshi gave a brief but succinct explanation on the subject. Informing about the forthcoming Parliamentary session of the Parliament in exile, as a Finance Minister, he would be presenting the budget of the Central Tibetan Administration for the financial year of 2018-2019.

The conference was attended by MEPs Mann, Kelam, Griesbeck, several Assistants and the Representative and EU Advocacy Officer of Bureau du Tibet.

Earlier in the afternoon, Bureau du Tibet hosted a luncheon get together of the informal group of the Assistants of the European Parliament.

The get-together, hosted as part of the Losar celebration, was attended by MEP de Oedenberg and nine Assistants of Members of Parliament. Many of them had participated in last years visit to Dharamsala and are active supporters of Tibetan issue in the European Parliament.

The following Assistants were present : Ms Anna Czerwoniec, Assistant to MEP de Oedenberg, Ms Dalila Bernard, Assistant to MEP Preda, Mr Flavien Deltorte, Assistant to MEP Castaldo, Mr Istvan Andras, Assistant to MEP Sogor, Ms Margareta Kovacova, Assistant to MEP Nagy, Mr Sascha Knaus, Assistant to MEP Mann, Mr Tomas Adamec, Assistant to MEP de Oedenberg, Ms Vivien Wohsmann, Assistant to MEP Scott-Cato and Ms Zsuzsa-Anna Ferenczy, Assistant to MEP Tokes.

 – Report filed by OOT Brussels –

The get-together hosted as part of the Losar celebration.