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Canberra Tibetan Community celebrates Tibetan New Year, Losar

Chief guest and other guests with the young culture group of Canberra Tibetan Community.

Representative Karma Singey attended the Tibetan New Year celebration organised by the Canberra Tibetan Community on 3rd March, the first day of Losar, at Canberra and extended his Losar greetings and best wishes to all the community members and friends of Tibet.

The event was attended by the Attorney-General of the Australian Capital Territory Shane Rattenbury and other distinguished guests including Andrew Braddock MLA, Rebecca Vassarotti MLA, Deepak-Raj Gupta, who represented Minister Tara-Cheyne (Minister for Multicultural Affairs), Prof Kim Rubenstein (independent Senate candidate), Kathryn Allan, Regional Director of Amnesty International for ACT/NSW, Dr Shanti Reddy, President of the Federation of Indian Associations of ACT and representatives from the Falun Gong and Hong Kong community in Canberra.

Representative Karma Singey while addressing on the occasion said that whatever Tibetans have achieved and whatever support Tibetans enjoy from the International community is all because of His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s blessing and efforts. So, he made an appeal to all the community members to offer prayers for his long life and good health.

He further stressed that although Losar is an occasion of celebration and jubilation, Tibetans inside Tibet can’t observe it fully due to harassment and restrictions put in place by the Chinese authorities. He said the Chinese authorities see celebration of Tibetan identity and its rich culture as a threat to the communist regime.

Chief Guest Shan Rattenburry, Attorney General of ACT, addressing on the Tibetan Losar in Canberra.

He also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Government and people of Australia for being a second home to thousands of Tibetans, most of whom are former political prisoners and their families from Tibet. He said that in this free country, they are able to exercise their freedom of speech, practice their religion and teach Tibetan language and traditional dance and music to their children.

Deepak-Raj Gupta, OAM, who represented Minister Tara-Cheyne,  (Minister for Multicultural Affairs), shared his sentiments about growing up in Shimla and being familiar with Tibetan culture, and how happy he was to see the community and culture thrive in Canberra.

Shane Rattenbury, the Attorney-General of the Australian Capital Territory and former speaker of the ACT legislative Assembly,  who was the chief guest of the occasion,  acknowledged the role of the Tibetan community in sharing their history, culture and tradition in Canberra, and in making the city a richer and better place.

On the occasion, Losar gifts were distributed to the children in the community by Representative Karma Singey and Kalsang Tsering, President of the ACT Tibetan Community.

All the guests were given a warm traditional welcome and offered Tibetan traditional delicacies including Drasil (ceremonial sweet rice), khapsey (Tibetan cookies) and Tibetan tea. The celebration was also highlighted by zestful and vibrant rounds of traditional Tibetan songs and dance performance by the young community members.

Representative Karma Singey addressing on the Tibetan New year in Canberra.

Losar Group photo of Canberra Tibetan Community

Community members performing traditional dance.