Tibetan Information Office (TIO) is based in Canberra.

Representative Karma Singey Takes Part in Webinar on Tibetan Democracy

Panel discussion on Tibetan democracy.

The Tibet Information Office, Canberra, in collaboration with ACT Tibetan Community, hosted a webinar entitled “ Tibetan Democracy ” to mark the 61st anniversary of Tibetan Democracy Day on 2 September.

The virtual panel discussion was aimed at generating greater awareness among the Tibetans living in Australia about Democracy in general and particularly Tibetan Democracy in-exile.

The panel discussion commenced with a welcome note and reading of the Kashag’s statement on the 61st anniversary of Tibetan Democracy day by Representative Mr. Karma Singey. He subsequently spoke on the evolution of Tibetan democracy, highlighting some of the significant milestones in the Tibetan Democracy since its inception.

Mr. Tenzin Phontsok Doring, MP-elect, talked about the different types of democracies and its fundamental characteristics. He further emphasised on the importance of checks and balances of power, voting rights and rule of law.

The incoming president of ACT Tibetan Community, Mr. Kalsang Tsering spoke on the similarities and differences of Tibetan Democracy and Australian Democracy.

Dr. Tenzin Choephak, former lecturer of Tibetan language at Australian National University, gave his talk on the Tibetan Democracy’s uniqueness and how His Holiness the Fourteen Dalai Lama single-handedly built the Tibetan Democracy. He said it is of outmost importance that all of us Tibetans follow and act in accordance with the path shown by His Holiness.

Finally, Mr. Jigme Passang, a former CTA civil servant, spoke on the overall Democracy system of CTA. He brought to light some of the important milestones in the history of democratic reform of Tibetan polity.

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Kalsang Yonten, president of ACT Tibetan Community.