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3 more Tibetans die of injuries, Tibetan Parliament calls for end to China’s atrocities

August 20, 2014 2:50 pm

DHARAMSHALA: As three more Tibetans died of injuries sustained during police firing in eastern Tibet, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile has urged the international community to press the Chinese government to end its crackdown and address the grievances of the Tibetan people.

The three Tibetans – Tsewang Gonpo, 60, Yeshi, 42 and Jinpa Tharchin, 18 – died due to gunshot wounds and torture by the Chinese authorities. It is not known when they died, but their bodies were handed over to their families on Monday, sources said.

The sources also earlier reported that Lo Palsang and an unidentified 22-year-old Tibetan youth succumbed to their injuries.

Dozens of Tibetans suffered severe injuries after the Chinese police shoot at Tibetans calling for the release of their leader in Shugpa village in Shersul county in Karze prefecture in eastern Tibet (incorporated into China’s Sichuan Province) last Tuesday. The village leader, Wangdak, was arrested for complaining against the mistreatment and harassment of Tibetans by the Chinese authorities.

Expressing deep concern over the situation in the region, the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile yesterday condemned the shooting of peaceful Tibetan protesters by the Chinese security.

It urged the Chinese government to immediately release the detainees, provide medical treatment to those injured and compensation to the families who lost their relatives in the police firing.

“The Chinese authorities have talked about eradicating corruption to help the people. But more grave offence than corruption is the suppression of people’s freedom and political rights in Tibet, and it must be stopped by the Chinese government,” the Tibetan Parliament said.

“We call for the urgent intervention of the international community, including human rights organisations, governments and parliaments, to end the ongoing Chinese government’s atrocities in Tibet. We also reiterate our appeal to press for visits by the international media and fact-finding delegations to assess the real situation in Tibet,” it said.