Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 27 Jun 2008

22 June 2008: Amdo (incorporated into Chinese province of Qinghai) -A monk of Drepung monastery died from torture in a prison

Jigme Phuntsok, a 22-year monk from Drepung monastery, died from torture in a prison located in Amdo on June 22. He was born in Gyalpo Ngulchu village in Rebgong (Ch: Tongren) county in Malho “TAP”, Amdo. His father’s name is Yangpa. He was arrested from Lhasa during March protests and taken to Gormo. Instead of handling his body to his family, it was cremated by the Chinese authorities. (Now the death toll stands at 210)

Media reports about transfer of a huge number of monks, who were arrested from Lhasa in March, to Gormo, Lanzhou, and other places are being confirmed.

18 June 2008

Nangchen (Ch: Nangqian) County, Kyegudo “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into Chinese province of Qinghai) – People protest against the Chinese authorities

In the morning of June 18 (15th day of the 4th month of Tibetan lunar calender which is considered the most holy day of the year), Tibetan residents of Nangchen county conducted religious ceremony, including incense burning, and then tried to carry out a peaceful protest. The local Chinese authorities immediately stopped them. It is unknown whether any arrest has been made or not.

During the same night, the Chinese flag on rooftop of county government office was replaced with the Tibetan flag, and so many pro-independence posters were pasted everywhere in the county. As a result, the Chinese authorities closed down private schools, including the schools of monks and nuns, located in the county. Detailed information is not available.

15 June 2008

Chone (Ch: Zhuoni) county, Kanlho “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into Chinese province of Gansu) – Two monks sentenced to 13 years and 15 years

On June 15, Tenzin was sentenced to 15 years for being one of the leaders of March protests, and Tenzin Gyatso for 13 years for replacing the Chinese flag with the Tibetan flag in a school in Dho-khor township. They both are monks from Tashi Choekhor Ling monastery in Dho-khor township, Chone county. As usual, their trial proceeding was devoid of transparency and fairness.

Lekshey (a monk), Tenzin, Woeser (a monk), and five others, who are being detained in Chone county, would be sentenced soon.

Some of the Tibetans, who were arrested on March 17 from the same county, were released after punishing each of them with a fine of 200 Yuans.

10 April 2008

Lhasa – Whereabouts of many monks arrested in April are unknown

Additional People’s Armed Police (PAP) and Chinese official work teams were deployed in Drepung monastery in Lhasa to conduct “patriotic re-education” in full intensity to the monks on April 10. However, this was met with a protest from the monks. As a result, many monks were arrested on the following days on April 11 and 12.

Currently, their whereabouts are unknown. Name of one of them can be confirmed. He is Phuntsok Nyingpo, who was born in Toelung Dechen (Ch: Duolongdeqing) county in Lhasa Municipality.

No Specific Date

Kyegudo (Ch: Yushu) County, Kyegudo “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into Chinese province of Qinghai) – Two protests carried out

An unidentified man staged a peaceful protest while distributing and pasting many leaflets in Kyegudo, the location of prefecture government, in June. He was arrested by the Chinese authorities.

The next day, two unidentified monks were also arrested for protesting and distributing many leaflets. Further details are not available.