4 Tibetans shot dead, 50 injured

October 13, 2013 11:03 am

[Source: Times of India / PTI]

By Saibal Dasgupta

BEIJING: Four Tibetans were killed and 50 wounded after Chinese security forces fired on a crowd of protesters at Driru in the Tibet Autonomous Region on Tuesday, according to Washington-based Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Reports said Driru villagers were demanding the release of a local leader, who had led an anti-government demonstration recently to protest orders issued last month to fly Chinese flag from homes and offices.

“On Tuesday morning, three Tibetans from Sengthang village and one Tibetan from Tinring village were killed when the Chinese opened fire on protesters,” the RFA quoted a Tibetan source in exile as saying.

“Around 50 Tibetans from Yangthang village were also injured,” he said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He said Driru is now flooded with Chinese paramilitary police, and Tibetans are being stopped from traveling with no reason given.

Tibetans in other Chinese provinces like Sichuan and Yunnan regularly protest but authorities usually manage to keep protesters under strict control in the Tibetan autonomous region.