Amnesty wants answers on Tibet detainees

More than 1,000 protesters detained during anti-government riots in Tibet three months ago have not been accounted for, a human rights group said Wednesday.

Amnesty International said a quarter of about 4,000 people detained by police during the riots in Tibet in March are unaccounted for. The others have been either released or placed under formal arrest.

Amnesty International has urged China to reveal what happened to people detained during the March crackdown on demonstrations in Tibet, as the Olympic torch heads for Lhasa.

The London-based human rights group, publishing an update on the situation in Tibet since the outbreak of violence, said more than 1,000 people were held but only a small number had faced “questionable” trials.

Amnesty also called for independent observers to be allowed free access to Tibet.

In its report, “People’s Republic of China – Tibet: Access Denied”, Amnesty studied what it called the “severe censorship” facing journalists and Tibetans, plus reports that detainees had been beaten and deprived of adequate food and proper health care.

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