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“Be more kind, it will make you happy and peaceful” : His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the students of Summer Camp Program 2019

Dharamshala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressed the students of the summer camp program organized by Upper TCV and College for higher Tibetan studies. The students have come from various countries such as the U.S, Canada, Switzerland, and Austria to study and enrich Tibetan culture and Language.

Expressing his joy over meeting the students, His Holiness the Dalai Lama reminded them since they belong to the younger generation of Tibet, they have the greater responsibility of preserving the Tibetan language.

His Holiness then spoke on the inception of Tibetan language which dates back to the history during the 33rd King Songtsen Gampo’s period.

His Holiness asserted that the Tibetan Language is the best and most suitable language to receive, study and teach Buddhist Philosophy because of the in-depth research conducted during the translation of the Buddhist text from its original source and therefore logic and reason of Buddhist Philosophy can be best explained through the Tibetan language.

His Holiness further talked about the six Buddhist paramitas or perfections, Pramanavartika, and Madhyamika Philosophy while narrating the helpfulness and usefulness of learning the Buddhist texts from his own experience.

Since Buddhism and science go hand in hand, His Holiness related it with the growing interest of people in Buddhism now a days.

His Holiness said, “It is not about being a Buddhist or not, Buddhist philosophy and science are more of an academic subject and not about religion”.

His Holiness noted that Tibetans have best kept the ancient Nalanda tradition alive which the Tibetans must take pride in.

“You shouldn’t think that the Tibetan language is simply a language needed to study religion and not modern education. If you want to study philosophy and psychology there are abundant learnings you can do in Tibetan, so pay attention to that” stressed His Holiness the Dalai lama.

His Holiness accorded a special audience to the students of the summer camp program 2019

His Holiness further elaborated his four commitments.

His Holiness expressed the need to help 7 billion people on this earth. His Holiness is one of the 7 billion people on the earth, therefore, he wishes to contribute to a peaceful world.

“So be more kind to all the beings, that’s what I always say. Human nature is compassionate. It will make you happy and peaceful”.

His Holiness then spoke on the Promotion of Religious Harmony setting India as the prime example.

His Holiness said, “All religions have different philosophies, yet all carry the same message, the message of compassion, love, tolerance, and forgiveness.

On the third commitment, His Holiness said he carries major moral responsibility as trust and faith of 6 million Tibetans are entrusted in him. His third commitment is to preserve Tibetan culture and Tibetan knowledge including the Tibetan language.

His Holiness then spoke on the environment issue including global warming which is a very critical issue in the present world.

Speaking on the fourth commitment, His Holiness affirmed it is to revive ancient Indian knowledge on psychology or emotions.

Time and again His Holiness has been persistent about developing hygiene of emotion as part of the academic curriculum. His Holiness declared that only friendship and not the weapon can reduce problems created by humans. His Holiness urged to forge an inner weapon instead which he said is human wisdom.

“So my fourth commitment as I mentioned earlier, I try to revive ancient Indian knowledge through education, not through butchering” concluded His Holiness.

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