British MP Raises Tibet in Parliament Debate

James Gray at Prime Minister's Question Time
James Gray at Prime Minister's Question Time

Dharamshala: “I was privileged to take part in a Parliamentary delegation to Tibet and China last month and to be able to raise with our Chinese hosts questions about the effect of Tibet on China’s relationship with the west, and the number of human rights abuses that have taken place in Tibet,” North Wiltshire MP James Gray said in his web site.

“Yesterday I took part in a Westminster Hall debate in which I raised some of these issues further,” Mr Gray said.

“In my view, the Chinese Government should hasten negotiations face to face with the Dalai Lama, possibly involving third nation interlocutors, so that the role and status of the Dalai Lama should not cloud relations between the free world and China,” he said.

“Human rights abuses, which the delegation raised with our Chinese hosts, should not lead to the wholly illogical stance of those who call for a ‘Free Tibet,” he added.

Mr Gray said the United States and European Union supported His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s position that “Tibet should have an autonomous status within the framework of the Chinese constitution.”