China’s Colonial ‘March’ in Tibet: Part II

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By Vijay Kranti*


On the other hand the Tibetan side has been showing keen interest in evolving a special, long term and mutually acceptable arrangement for Tibet and Tibetans within the framework of PRC. They have been keen to have a special arrangement which ensured some special status for Tibet on similar lines as was being discussed by Beijing for Taiwan and Hong Kong under a ‘one country two systems’ idea at that time. But Beijing’s approach was limited to reaching an arrangement which ensured that Dalai Lama could be allowed to return and settle comfortably in Beijing. In response to this Dalai Lama’s consistent stand has been that “Dalai Lama is not the real issue. The real issue is the happiness of six million Tibetans living inside Tibet.” In his annual address to Tibetans on March 10, 1980, the Dalai Lama said, “…. I would like to remind everybody that the core of the Tibetan issue is the welfare and ultimate happiness of six million Tibetans in Tibet. The limited leniency that the Chinese have introduced is a welcome first step. But we are still nowhere near being satisfied that the Tibetans in Tibet are content…” However, he also took care that Beijing’s interest in the dialogue was not lost. In February 1983 he pleased Beijing by repeating that he was very keen to visit Tibet. Read the rest …