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Chorig dept to organize prayer service; calls for details of Tibetans affected by COVID-19

Dharamshala: Since the start of the outbreak of the Wuhan originated coronavirus pandemic, Tibetan Buddhist community led by the heads of the major traditions of Tibet have led a collective initiative from contributing to the central and state government as well as district COVID-19 relief fund to helping sections of the community of both Indians and Tibetans who were affected by the disease.

As over a hundred Tibetans have been infected with the Wuhan-originated virus especially in the US and Europe and several have died, the Department of Religion and Culture, CTA issued an announcement calling for the bereaved families and those who are suffering from the disease to share their names and details with the Department so that the necessary prayer services and rituals can be organized for their benefit. Read the announcement below.

As per the announcement, the prayers will be organized in coordination with the Nechung Monastery and Kirti Monastery in Dharamshala in keeping with the central and state government’s guidelines for lockdown. All expenses will be borne by the Department of Religion and Culture.

The Department will also attempt to broadcast the prayer ceremony live via CTA’s official media.

Please share the names and details to the WhatsApp no: +91 9805472150 / Email: religion@tibet.net