EU urges China to address Concerns of Tibetans

Geneva – 28 March 2008: The European Union has urged the Chinese authorities to refrain from using force against Tibetan demonstrators and address the concerns of Tibetans in accordance with internationally recognised human rights, stressing importance to the right of freedom of expression and peaceful protest.

“We reiterate that the EU is deeply concerned about the ongoing reports of unrest in Tibet, which spread across some other regions of China,” said Ambassador Andrej Logar, EU’s permanent representative of Slovenia, during the 7th session of United Nations Human Rights Council held in Geneva from 3- 28 March.

The EU urged the Chinese government to lift restrictions on movement and information in Tibet and called on demonstrators to desist from violence.

Expressing its firm support for peaceful reconciliation, the EU encouraged both sides to enter into a substantive and constructive dialogue with view to reach a sustainable solution acceptable to all that would freely respect the human right and fundamental freedoms of Tibetans, including freedom of religion and belief.

The Vienna Declaration and Programme of action reaffirmed the solemn commitment of all states to fulfil their obligations to promote universal respect for, and observance and protection of, all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

It further underlined that the promotion and protection of human rights is legitimate concern of the International community. The EU consistently supported the strengthening of international mechanisms for monitoring of human rights developments all over the world very closely and raises its concerns whenever necessary.