Tibetan Information Office (TIO) is based in Canberra.

Former Tibetan Political Prisoner Ven Golog Jigme Visits Office of Tibet – Canberra

Former Political Prisoner Ven. Golog Jigme with Representative Karma Singey and Secretary Lhawang Gyalpo of Office of Tibet, Canberra. 27 December 2023

Canberra: Venerable Golog Jigme, a former Tibetan political prisoner, visited the Office of Tibet in Canberra earlier today on 27 December 2023.

Representative Karma Singey welcomed him and briefed him about the main role and responsibilities of the Office of Tibet and some of the major initiatives taken by the office in recent years. He further extended his gratitude and appreciation to Ven Golog Jigme for his sacrifices in amplifying the voices of Tibetans inside Tibet and his strong determination in working for the Tibetan cause.

Ven. Golog Jigme is one of the most high-profile Tibetan former political prisoners. His resistance, persecution, torture, and escape from Chinese-occupied Tibet is both a remarkable personal story and a deep insight into Tibet under Chinese rule. He has continued his activism for Tibet since reaching exile, becoming one of the most vocal Tibetan activists in the world.