His Holiness Sends Message on ‘Oneness of Humanity’ to Global Africa Conference

PRETORIA: In his message to participants at the Global Africa uBuntu conference held in Johannesburg from 9 – 11 November, His Holiness the Dalai Lama underlined that “many of the world’s problems, conflicts and fears arise due to lack our ability to accept the oneness of humanity”.

“Today’s world requires us to accept the oneness of humanity. Many of the world’s problems, conflicts and fears arise because we have lost sight of the common experience that binds us all together as a human family,” His Holiness said in the message, which was read out by his representative to South Africa, Mr Sonam Tenzing.

“We tend to forget that despite the superficial differences between us, people are equal in their basic wish for peace and happiness. In the past, particular communities could afford to think of one another as fundamentally separate. Some could even exist in total isolation,” he said.

“But nowadays, whatever happens on one region eventually affects many other areas. Within the context of our new interdependence, self-interest clearly lies in considering the interest of others,” he added.

A short video message of Archbishop Desmond Tutu was shown to the conference participants, while representatives from various faith groups read their messages on the importance of oneness.

More than 800 participants from different parts of the world attended the three-day conference, which was organised by Oneness Africa organisation based in Johannesburg.