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His Holiness speaks on education, world’s support for Tibet in Bangalore

Bangalore: His Holiness the Dalai Lama today spoke on the importance of education and the international community’s support for Tibet during a meeting with Tibetans residing in Bangalore. The meeting was organised by the south zone chief representative office in the Grand Ballroom of the Chancery Pavilion.Speaking to over 2000 Tibetans, which consist mostly of college students, His Holiness said Tibetan youngsters must devote their precious time in study to become well versed in both modern and traditional education. Education will strengthen our power of truth in resolving the issue of Tibet, he said.

His Holiness told the Tibetans to remember that we came into exile not due to natural calamity or internal fighting among ourselves. He described the tragic events that began with the Chinese communists aggression in Tibet in 1949 and his efforts to amicably resolve the issue with the PRC government until 1959.

The events that unfolded in Tibet since 1949 has imperiled the survival of Tibet, but the Tibetan people inside Tibet have kept alive their courage. The issue of Tibet receives great support from the US and Europe, among others.  Moreover, many Chinese intellectuals have written articles to express their strong support for the just cause of Tibet, said His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

On the growing interest in studying Tibetan Buddhism in universities in the US, His Holiness said Tibetan youngsters can learn from the English language books on Buddhism and Buddhist science.

His Holiness also said we must strive to fulfill the hopes that the Tibetans inside Tibet have on us.

(Report filed by Drubgyue Nyima and Namgyal Tsewang)