Kashag appeals for fair trials to save lives of Tibetan detainees

Dharamshala: The Kashag of the Central Tibetan Administration on Wednesday, 9 April, has appealed to the international legal bodies and governments to help save the lives of those arrested Tibetans and ensure proper legal trials.

According to press report of 2 April, Mr Zhang Qingli, Party Secretary of TAR, is quoted to have stated that all those involved in the recent “riots” in Tibet will be tried and sentenced with strictest measures by the end of April.

According to information available, Mr Zhang Qingli at a meeting attended by district level and above communist party cadres, including government officials, declared that the authority is to adopt four quick procedures which include quick order, quick arrest and quick trial. With these orders in place it is very obvious that the authorities in Tibet intend to exercise quick summary trial without proper legal procedures and carry out executions. In fact out of over 100 monks from Ramoche, 70 monks have already been arrested on 7 April.

The Kashag expressed concern over the strict restrictions on movements and food supplies in Tibetan monasteries which has already cause a death in Lhasa due to desperation from hunger. The Kashag, therefore appeals for help to ensure that those confined in the monasteries where shortage of food is causing great sufferings and may cause death due to hunger are supplied with timely provision of food and other required needs.