Kashag to Mark Tibetan New Year with Only Religious Programmes

Dharamshala: The Central Tibetan Administration announced Saturday that only the customary religious programmes will held to mark the Tibetan New Year, taking into consideration of the continuing repression in Tibet and the ruthless crackdown last year which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Tibetans and thousands imprisoned.

The Kashag has appealed to all the concerned departments and offices of the administration not to organise any lavish and pompous celebrations such as hosting feasts, dance parties and lighting firecrackers.

Similarly, the Kashag also directs all the officials of the administration to refrain from taking part in such gatherings.

The direction has been given to all the staff working in Tibetan settlements, offices of Tibet, schools and healthcare centres.

Last year in March, the Tibetan people across the traditional provinces of Tibet expressed their deep-seated resentment against the wrong policies of the Chinese government in Tibet. Subsequent brutal crackdown by the Chinese military left more than 219 Tibetans dead and 1294 injured. Around 5,600 people are still under arrest or detention and more than 1000 missing.