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President Dr Lobsang Sangay Arrives in Ladakh, Addresses Local Community

President Dr Lobsang Sangay arrives at Kushok Bakula airport in Leh Ladakh, 5 July 2018. Photo/Jayang Tsering/DIIR

Leh Ladakh: The President of the Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay met with the Tibetan community after his arrival in Ladakh today.

Addressing the audience, Dr Sangay said, “I am blessed to be able to attend the 83rd birthday celebration of His Holiness the Dalai Lama along with the people of Ladakh. On 2 July, I received a directive from the Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to join the auspicious event.”

Dr Sangay spoke of his official visits to different countries as advised by His Holiness and also spoke of the strong support from the international community towards the cause of Tibet.

During the hour-long meeting, President Dr Sangay assured full support of the Central Tibetan Administration towards the welfare of Tibetan community in Ladakh.

He spoke of Tibetan Refugee Livelihood Support Program (TRLSP), under which he added that the Finance department will provide amounts worth a total of Rs 21 Crores (210 Million) at a minimal 4% interest rate to support the livelihood of the most vulnerable, needy, and unbanked members of the Tibetan community.

“The loan will be extended to Tibetans in the business of selling trinkets on pavements in tourist destinations like Ladakh, those raising horses and mules for traditional caravan services, and those running taxi services,” he said.

He explained that the loan for taxi services was mainly to support the Tibetans running taxis in Ladakh area as the individuals running taxi services in Ladakh area is highest in all the settlement, he added.

He hoped that the project will benefit and support the welfare of the people.

Referring to his last visit to Jhangthang region where one of the main concerns raised was the lack of medical facility in the region, Dr Sangay shared that a budget for the construction of a hospital in Jangthang region was proposed this year.

Apart from meeting with new Chief Councillor of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council and local leaders, Dr Sangay is also scheduled to attend the Thank You Ladakh event, a part of the Thank You India Year, a year-long campaign initiated by the Central Tibetan Administration.

President Dr Lobsang Sangay addressing members of Sonamling Tibetan settlement at the community hall, 5 July 2018. Photo/Jayang Tsering/DIIR

Settlement Officer of Ladakh delivering introductory remarks at the address of President Dr Lobsang Sangay in Leh Ladakh, 5 July 2018. Photo/Jayang Tsering/DIIR

Member of Sonamling Tibetan settlement interacting with President Dr Lobsang Sangay, 5 July 2018. Photo/Jayang Tsering/DIIR

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