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Security Kalon Arrives in Melbourne, Australia

Kalon Phagpa Tsering, Secretary Karma Rinchen and Representative Lhakpa Tshoko arrives in Melbourne, Australia, from New Zealand.

MELBOURNE: Kalon Phagpa Tsering of Department of Security, Central Tibetan Administration, arrived in Melbourne, Australia, on 1 July. He was accompanied by Secretary Karma Rinchen and Representative Lhakpa Tshoko. They were welcomed at the airport by members of the Tibetan community.

From the airport, they proceeded towards Grattan Garden hall, South Yarra to address the Tibetan public. Over 150 Tibetans have gathered at the hall to greet and listen to Kalon Phagpa Tsering.

Representative Lhakpa Tshoko first gave a brief introduction of the two guests: Kalon Phagpa Tsering and Secretary Karma Rinchen.

Kalon Phagpa Tsering, in his address, explained the seven departments of the Central Tibetan Administration and emphasised the importance of preserving Tibetan language and culture. Kalon also spoke about the main activities that the department has undertaken since he assumed the responsibility of Kalon of the department.

Secretary Karma Rinchen spoke about the functions of the Department of Security and highlighted His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s lifelong contribution towards the Tibetan movement. He also spoke about the Australia-Tibet rehabilitation project. He applauded those individuals who have participated wholeheartedly in Tibet related activities since coming to Australia.

The talks were followed by a question and answer session and a dinner reception hosted by the Tibetan community. The concluding remarks of the gathering was delivered by Tenzin Lobsang, President of Victoria Tibetan Association.

Kalon left Melbourne for Canberra on 2 July.

Kalon Phagpa Tsering addressing the Tibetan public at the Grattan Garden hall.

Secretary Karma Rinchen addressing the Tibetan public in Melbourne.