TAGWA Peace March & Rally
28 February – 10 March

The Tibet Action Group of Western Australia (TAGWA) will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising of 10th March 1959 when His Holiness the Dalai Lama and thousands of Tibetans fled Tibet in the face of Chinese oppression and occupation.

TAGWA will be holding a Peace March from Bunbury to Perth to show solidarity with Tibetans and Tibet Support Groups around the world and to lend moral support for the oppressed Tibetan people.

The Peace March will begin in Bunbury on the 28th February and will culminate with a Rally in Perth on Tuesday 10th March.

TAGWA is appealing for people to show active support for the Tibetan people by participating in the Peace March, even for just for a day or two, and to show they stand for freedom, justice and peace by attending the March 10th Rally.

If you would like to join the March, phone 0409 105 710 or email the TAGWA.

Download TAGWA Peace March/Rally Press Statement