Tenpa Dargey Dies, Kirti monastery under military occupation

April 9, 2012 3:04 pm

Tenpa Dargay, a monk of Kirti monastery, who set himself on fire protesting the Chinese government’s repression in Tibet died on 7 April.

Tenpa Dargay and Chemi Palden set themselves on fire on 30 March 2012.  They are both from Tsodun Kirti Monastery in eastern Tibet. Chemi Palden died a day later, while Tenpa Dargay was critically injured.

Tenpa Darjey passed away on April 7 at around 9:23 am (local time) at a hospital in the Ngaba region.

His body was cremated at the hospital at around 1:00 pm by the Chinese officials even though his family and the local people have made repeated  pleas to the concerned officials to hand over his body.

His last remains were handed over to the relatives at 04:00 pm that day.

It was also reported that three large military convoys closely followed the procession of local people when Tenpa Dargay’s last remains were being taken to the Tsodun Kirti monastery.

Heavy military presence continues to remain around Kirti monastery and surrounding areas.