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Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile Condemns Police Firing on Tibetans in Eastern Tibet

                                                                                                                          Press Statement

According to a reliable source inside Tibet, the Chinese police fired on peaceful Tibetan demonstrators in Kham Dag-go District and killed a layman by name Yonten today around noon Chinese time.Some other sources claim that 6 people have been killed in the indiscriminate firing and scores of others injured. The facts are being ascertained.

It all started today morning when scores of Tibetans gathered in Dag-go calling for freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet, following which the police indiscriminately fired on the peaceful demonstrators. This incident happened on the day, when whole of China is celebrating Chinese New Year.

With the self immolation of a monk, Tapey in 2009 and 17 others who set themselves on fire since March 16 this year, 12 have succumbed to their injuries. Four cases have been reported in the beginning of this year alone. Tibetans have resorted to this desperate act out of sheer frustration against the policies and programs of the Chinese authorities aimed at eradicating the Tibetan identity.

The body of Yonten is reportedly in the Dag-go Monastery and the situation continues to be very tense in the area.

The Tibetan parliament is deeply aggrieved by the incidents and condemns the Chinese authorities for resorting to such drastic acts of force and repression. We are also taken aback by the silence of the International Community when it comes to such gross violation of Human Rights in Tibet.

We call on China to respect the Tibetan people’s right to express themselves and look into the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people. While understanding the international community’s interest in maintaining closer relationship with China, how can the international community remain mute to the sufferings of the Tibetan people. We appeal to you to rise up to the occasion and impress on China to find a lasting solution to the Issue of Tibet.

Tibetan Parliament in Exile