Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 9 April 2008

9 April 2008: Ramoche monastery (Lhasa) -Most monks from Ramoche monastery arrested.

All of the monks at Ramoche monastery (except around 30 of them) were arrested today on April 7. Ramoche monastery usually houses over a 100 monks.

Since the massive protest by the monks of Ramoche monastery on March 14, one or two of the monks were arrested on March 15. The other monks were put under tight restrictions in a house arrest like situation.

Based on the arrests made at Ramoche monastery, it is very likely that similar arrests may also be made at Sera, Drepung and Gaden (the three major monastic universities of Tibet) and arrests are also likely at other monasteries that remain under tight restrictions.

Machu (Ch: Maqu) County, Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu province- Many arrested

On the evening of April 7, thirty monks from Ngul-ra monastery were arrested. An additional ten people from Thumey-runak monastery, Ngul-ra Township, were also arrested.

In Ngul-ra village alone, over 110 monks and lay people have been arrested so far.

5 April 2008

Tawu (Ch: Daofu) County, Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan Province- Tibetans express frustrations

The Chinese flag was brought down at a school nearby Rabgang monastery in Mi-nyak Nagtren village, Garthar, Tawu County.

In Ge-kay thang street in Mi-nyak Nagtren village, various slogans such as “Free-Tibet” were written on stone tablets and advertisement boards using red paint.

Local police and concerned officials arrived on April 6 to get rid of the graffiti which resulted in a minor clash with some Tibetans.

Moreover, local authorities arrived in Mi-nyak Nagtren village to give “patriotic re-education” classes. However, this has been met with resentment from the Tibetans.

Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County, Ngaba “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” – Two monks arrested at Tsok-tsang monastery

A huge number of Armed Police arrived at Sok-tsang monastery and conducted a thorough search of the monk-quarters. Two monks were arrested. They are:

    1) Tsultrim Gyatso (from Chukra village)
    2) Lobsang Thupten (from Dopel village)

2 April 2008

Machu (Ch: Maqu) County, Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu province- Over 30 monks from Sargoen Tashi Choepel Ling monastery arrested

Over 30 monks from Sargoen Tashi Choepel Ling monastery, Well-bhen Town, Machu County, were arrested between the dates March 31-April 2. Twelve of monks were released after a fine of 1500 Yuan was imposed on them.

20 monks from Thupten Yongdueling monastery, Well-bhen Town, Machu County, were also arrested.

17 March 2008

Toelung Dechen (Ch: Duiliongdeqing) County, Lhasa municipality – 70 arrested

At Dhingkha monastery, Dechen village, Toelung Dechen County, there was a protest held by monks and lay people. Around 70 people were arrested during the protest.

Among the 70 arrested, a few were released earlier after giving them a fine of 120 Yuan while another group was released at the beginning of April after giving them a fine of 1220 Yuan. They were told that from the 1220 Yuan fine, 1000 Yuan would go towards the County, 200 Yuan would go towards the village, and 20 Yuan was for the transportation cost of the prisoner.

From the 70 arrested, currently, there are 12 monks and 5 laypeople who have been told that their sentencing would be announced shortly.

Due to the massive number of arrests at Phenpo Lhundrup County, Lhasa municipality, in March, many of the arrestees have been taken to prison in Toelung County prison, due to lack of space.

31 March 2008

Sershul (Ch: Shiqu) County, Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province- Eight arrested At Voen-po monastery

Eight monks and lay people were arrested when concerned officials of the Chinese government arrived at Voen-po monastery to conduct “patriotic re-education classes.” The monks were told that they were being arrested for the alleged involvement, leading and master-minding the demonstrations in Lhasa earlier in March. They were also told that the authorities have documents linking them to the demonstrations.

Even during the China?s complete annexation of Tibet 1959, Voen-po monastery and its surrounding areas was one of the key locations where Tibetans resisted the Chinese forces.

No specific date

Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County, Ngaba “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” – Details on “patriotic re-education” classes

Many monks from Ngaba County were arrested after the demonstrations in March. Since the beginning of April, Tibetans in Rongkhar-shar town, Ngaba County, have been forced to attend “patriotic re-education” classes. During the classes, among other activities, each Tibetan is forced to loudly repeat the following statements while being recorded on video:

    1) I denounce the “Dalai’s clique.”
    2) I will not keep any portraits of the Dalai Lama.
    3) I have no desire to become a part of the “Dalai’s clique.”
    4) I will not engage in any “splittist” activities.
    5) The attempt to separate Nationalities of China will not succeed.
    6) I owe loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party.
    7) I will always follow the Chinese Communist Party.
    8) I acknowledge the gratitude of the Chinese Communist Party.

Such classes continue to take place in other villages in Ngaba County and beyond. In some remote villages, the “patriotic-reeducation” classes are being conducted in an extremely intimidating manner.