Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 13 May 2008

13 May 2008: Karze (Ch: Ganzi) County, Karze “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into Chinese Province of Sichuan) – Nuns and monks protested at county headquarters

Lobsang Choeden, Palden Tsultrim and Lobsang Tenpa (age 20), monks from Karze monastery, in Karze County, peacefully protested at county headquarters on 13 May. All of them were arrested thereafter. Further details are not available.

A day before, on 12 May, ten nuns peacefully protested at county headquarters which resulted in their arrest by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) and People’s Armed Police (PAP). A few nuns, including Tragha, were severely beaten.

24 March 2008

Rebgong (Ch: Tongren) County, Malho “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into Chinese Province of Qinghai) – Court imposes arbitrary sentences on 3 Tibetans

On 24 March, a Chinese court imposed arbitrary sentences on 3 Tibetans from Dowa area, Rebgong County, for allegedly leading anti-Chinese government protests in Dowa area on 17 March. They were arrested on March 22. They are:

1) Chak Dhargyal, age 17, sentenced to 2 years,
2) Choepa, age 20, sentenced to 1 year and 9 months,
3) Tralo, age 19, sentenced to 9 months.

However, the exact duration of their sentences are not clearly known. They are still not being given opportunity even to meet their members of family.

As reported earlier about the arrest and then hospitalisation of Alak Khaso Tsang, former head of Rongpo monastery in Rebgong, he is still being treated in Siling (Ch: Xining) hospital for his broken leg (not his ribs as reported earlier).

17 March 2008

Thewo (Ch: Thewo) County, Kanlho “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into Chinese Province of Qinghai) – Over 100 people arrested for participating in peaceful protest

A big group of local people from Drak-gham Village, Thewo County, has undertaken peaceful procession toward the county headquarters. They carried portraits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and shouted pro-independence slogans.

They were stopped and dispersed by PSB and PAP officials when they were on the way. Some of them were also beaten.

A few days later, county’s PSB and PAP officials arrested and detained over 100 lay people and monks (including monks from Lhasol monastery, Drak-gham Village). Pema Kyab and Sonam Lobsang, both lay, had to be hospitilised after sustaining severe injuries from beating.

Some arrestees were released after punishing them with a fine ranging from 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan. Some would be sentenced later.

14 March 2008

Lhasa – Whereabouts of some arrestees turning unknown

The whereabouts of Passang Dhondup, who was arrested on 14 March from his residential area of Karma Kunsang (East Lhasa) for participating in the Lhasa protests, is unknown. His father’s name was Lobsang Soepa (late). He has a wife and children. His brother Tashi Tsephel (former monk of Drikung Thil monastery) disappeared after March 14 Lhasa protest. Tashi Tsephel has earlier served 5-year sentence for his political involvement.