Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 17 May 2008

14 May 2008: Karze (Ch: Ganzi) County, Karze “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into Chinese Province of Sichuan) – Three different protests took place on the same day

Four nuns (Yeshi Choetso alias Yigha, age 36, Gyalgha Lhamo, age 54, Deyang, age 31, Choetso, age 25) from Gaden Choeling nunnery, in Karze County, were arrested after they peacefully protested at the county government office at around 4 PM local time on 14 May. With this, three different peaceful protests were held on the same day in Karze County (other protests were reported earlier).

Serthar (Ch: Seda) County, Karze “TAP”, incorporated into Chinese Province of Sichuan – A monk arrested for protesting at county

Bhumgha, a 22-year monk, protested at Serthar County on 14 May. He was arrested thereafter by Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel. He was born in Gonjo (Ch: Gongjue) County, Chamdo Prefecture. However, the name of the monastery where he resides is not known. PSB said that he is a resident of Larung Ngarig Nangten Lobling monastery in Serthar County to which he has denied. It is said that additional People’s Armed Police personnel have been deployed at the county.

May Beginning

Sangchu (Ch: Xiahe) County, Kanlho “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into Chinese Province of Gansu) – One of the monks of Labrang Tashi-khil monastery who protested in front of media was arrested

Drakpa, a monk from Gyuto monastery (part of Labrang Tashi-khil monastery in Sangchu County), was arrested by local PSB in the beginning of May. He is one of those who have protested in front of Chinese state-managed media group, who visited Labrang in April, informing them of the prevailing human rights abuses and demanding freedom. Currently, no information is available about him, including where he has been detained.

On 18 March, a protest was held by the monks of Thangsar monastery and lay people from Gitsang and Meygya villages, in Mey-shul Township, Sangchu County. 23 monk protestors were arrested. Many of them were released later, and some of them were also fined with cash.

Due to the continued restrictions imposed on the Monastery and villages by the PAP personnel, monks are not being able to conduct their major annual prayer ceremony. It is said that there are around 110 monks in Labrang Tashi-khil monastery.