Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 24 May 2008

May 2008: Sog (Ch: Sou) County, Nagchu Prefecture (Ch: Naqu Shen), “TAR” – A 15-year boy protested against Chinese government and was arrested

On 9 May Sonam Gyalpo, a 15-year boy, shouted slogans such as “Tibet is an independent country”, “long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama” at the market intersection in Sog County. He was arrested by County Public Security Bureau (PSB) personnel and taken away to Nagchu Town.

20 April 2008

Sog (Ch: Sou) County, Nagchu Prefecture (Ch: Naqu Shen), “TAR” – A 19-year monk arrested for allegedly scattering pro-independence posters

In April, many pro-independence posters were found scattered in Nagchu Town and Sog County. Chokdhen Tsultrim, a 19-year monk from Zendhen monastery in Sog County, was arrested on April 20 from Nagchu Town for his alleged involvement in scattering the posters. Currently, he is being detained in Sog County prison.