Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 26 April 2008

12 April 2008: Meldro Gungkar (Ch: Mozhugongka) County, Lhasa municipality- Protests held again

Many monks from Pangsa monastery, Tashi Gang township, in Balab sub-district; nuns from Choekhor (colloquially known as Choekhook) nunnery, Sibook township, and monks from Dhomo monastery led a peaceful protest also joined by laypeople in Meldro Gungkar County. Numerous monks and laypeople were arrested during the protest.

After the protest, a nun, age 21 from Choekhor nunnery committed suicide. No further details available.

One more name* can be confirmed for a nun who died from injuries sustained during the protest in March.

61 Tsering Dolkar (nun) 25 F Hometown in Ruthok Township, Meldro Gungkar (Ch: Mozhugongka) County, Lhasa municipality, Resident of Choekhor nunnery. Died in March from injuries sustained during protest at Meldro Gungkar County.

* In addition to the already released 60 total names and details of Tibetans killed during the recent demonstrations, here we are releasing 1 more name (with details) from the current death toll list which stands well over 140.

No Specific Date

Nyarong (Ch: Xinlong) County, Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Kham (incorporated into Chinese province of Sichuan) -Shiwa monastery monks ordered to fly Chinese flag

Chinese “work teams” arrived at Shiwa monastery (branch of Shiva Lhathim monastery), Raloog township, Nyarong County, and ordered the monks to fly the Chinese flag on their rooftop. The order to host the flag was specifically given to three senior monks of the monastery.

The three senior monks rejected the demands of the work teams.

The leader of a protest held earlier by the monks of Shiwa monastery was being sought by the local police. The monks stood together as a group to take the blame and said that there was no individual leader for the protest. As a result, no arrests could be made since the leader they sought could not be found.

Tight restrictions continue at the monastery with around 200 armed still stationed there.