Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 3 Jun 2008

24 May 2008: Lhasa – Three youths shouted pro-independence slogans

Pro-independence slogans were shouted by three Tibetan youths at Tromsik-khang market, in Lhasa, in the afternoon of 24 May.

Three Tibetan youths arrived at Tromsik-khang market and had short argument with some of the Tibetans (street vendors and shop owners) against their opening up of businesses during this period of severe repression on the Tibetan people.

Then, the youths started shouting pro-independence slogans. As usual, the surrounding Public Security Bureau (PSB), People’s Armed Police (PAP) and other personnel, both in uniform and civilian dress, appeared at the scene to crackdown on the peaceful protest. However, it resulted in a fight between the youths and those Chinese forces. People near the scene had dispersed. Sound of a gun shot or explosion was heard when the fight was continuing. All the shops near Barkhor square were immediately closed down. Security check on every passer-by was tightened by PAP personnel.

In-depth information about how this protest began, backgrounds of those youth protestors, and what happened to them after the fight, are not available.

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Lhundrup (Ch: Lingzhi) County, Lhasa Municipality, U-Tsang (“TAR”) – Chinese authorities attempted to bar the admission of released monks and nuns into their respective monasteries and nunneries

As reported earlier, many of the monks and nuns from Gaden Choekhor monastery, Shar Bhumba nunnery, and others were arrested during their 2-day protest in Phenpo area, under Lhundrup County, in March.

Though, they were released in May after nearly two months of detention, the concerned local Chinese authorities made an effort to bar their admission back into their respective monasteries and nunneries. This attempt was met with strong opposition from the local nuns, monks and lay people. Therefore, the local Chinese authorities could not succeed in their attempt. But, they are likely to tighten up their “patriotic re-education” campaign which is being imposed on the monasteries and nunneries