Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 5 May 2008

30 April 2008: Derge (Ch: Dege) County, Karze “TAP,” Kham incorporated into Chinese province of Sichuan-Tight Restrictions imposed at Dza Gonsar monastery

At Dza Gonsar monastery in Dza Bharma Township, Derge County, Chinese governmental ‘work-teams’ attempted to pressure the monks in the name of “patriotic re-education” to sign a letter stating that they strictly oppose all “separatists.” The monks rejected the demand by the “work teams.” In response to the monks’ defiance, People?s Armed Police (PAP) have surrounded the monastery premises and tight restrictions have been imposed on the monastery.

28 April 2008

Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County, Ngaba “TAP” Amdo incorporated into Chinese province of Sichuan-Those arrested and injured not receiving proper medical care

On 28 April, Around 11AM, additional People`s Armed Police (PAP) were deployed in Ngaba County.

Concerned Chinese officials arrived at Namtso monastery, in Mehu-ruma village, where they attempted to hoist the Chinese flag. A monk from the monastery tried to stop them from hoisting the flag. He was severely beaten by the People’s Security Bureau (PSB) officials.

Many of the monks and laypeople arrested in Ngaba County over the past few weeks are been detained in a prison in Tawu Chang Yen (located near Chengdu). Many of those arrested suffer from broken limbs and they are not being provided proper medical care.

Two additional people who were arrested are being transferred to the prison in Tawu Chang Yen (located near Chengdu). The two arrested are Ra Tsedak (age 32) and Gondon Sangay (age 35) both from Mehu-ruma village.

20 April 2008

Sershul (Ch: Shiqu) County, Karze “TAP,” Sichuan Province-Monks express discontent over so called “patriotic re-education”

Monks from Voen-po monastery, Sershul County were called for a meeting by Chinese governmental “work teams” in Dzamey sub-district. During the meeting, four statements related to their opposing of “separatists” were announced. Monks were also given orders to fly the Chinese flag on their monastery rooftop. The monks expressed their discontent and “work teams” had to rescind their flag order.

On 25 April, around three local people from near Voen-po monastery were arrested and severely beaten by the Chinese police.

Gyalong Sonam Nyendak (age 70) from Voen-po monastery has been suffering from depression due to the intense suppression that has been imposed by the Chinese authorities.