Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 7 May 2008

4 May 2008: Chamdo (Ch: Changdu) County, Kham (incorporated into Chamdo Prefecture, “TAR”) – Tibetan man shot and killed after he resists arrest

At around 9 am on 4 May, seven People’s Security Bureau (PSB) officials arrived at the home of Akar Tashi (around 38/39 years of age) in Lathok Yuchu Township, Chamdo County. The officials attempted to arrest Akar Tashi which resulted in a scuffle.

During the scuffle, Akar Tashi was shot dead by the soldiers while one of the soldiers was stabbed by Akar Tashi.

The PSB officials had attempted to arrest Akar Tashi for his alleged involvement in the recent Lhasa protests and also his past involvement in other political activities.

2 May 2008

Drakgo (Ch: Luhuo) County, Karze “TAP,” Kham (incorporated into Chinese province of Sichuan) -Tibetan Students shout slogans

Four students (two boys and two girls) from a middle school in Drakgo County shouted slogans such as “Tibet is an independent country” and “His Holiness should be welcomed to Tibet and be enthroned.”

The students shouted the slogans for around 15 minutes.

May beginning

Drakgo (Ch: Luhuo) County, Karze “TAP,” Kham (incorporated into Chinese province of Sichuan) -Nuns defy Chinese authorities

Around four to five days ago, Samtenling (also known as Watak) nunnery, in Sibmo Township, Drakgo County, people hung banners for a stretch of almost two kilometers. These banners had pro-independence slogans written in Tibetan and Chinese.

Later, the local authorities from the County headquarters summoned the responsible officials of the nunnery and sent in “Work Teams” to impart “patriotic re-education”. The nuns, however, left the nunnery in a sign of defiance leaving the work team officials with no one to re-educate.

There are over 300 nuns at Samtenling nunnery.