Urgent petition to Kevin Rudd

You are probably reading in horror about the events in Tibet we feel we have no control over. But sometimes there is a window when we have real power to play an active role in stopping human rights abuses overseas.

As Australians, we are in a unique position right now to help stop the cultural genocide taking place in Tibet. That’s because Kevin Rudd is visiting Beijing to meet the Chinese President and Premier – the two men who are able to put an end to this crisis. With the impending Beijing Olympics, where the world’s eyes will focus on China, we have a once in a decade chance to make a real difference.

Sign this urgent petition to Mr Rudd to use his influence – and his Chinese language skills – to stand up for the human rights of Tibetans when he visits China in just a few weeks:

http://www.getup.org.au/campaign/StandUpForTibet | Link

As you read this, Tibetans are burying an unknown number of their dead from these recent protests – the number is unknown because China is keeping out all international media and human rights monitors. But China can’t afford too much damage to its international reputation – especially this year, when they are desperate to become a fully fledged member of the international community.

High-level foreign pressure is the best way to change their hard-headed stance and their violent means of enforcing it, and our Prime Minister is the best placed foreign leader to do that right now. Our PM is making the right noises but he needs all the encouragement he can get. Your signature on this petition will mean he leaves for Beijing armed not only with all the language and diplomatic skills necessary, but also with a mandate to advocate for rights, respect and autonomy:

www.getup.org.au/campaign/StandUpForTibet | Link

China is Australia’s biggest trading partner – that doesn’t mean we have to be shy: it means we have a legitimate voice to discuss their international standing in the community of nations, to urge peaceful negotiation in the interests of economic and social stability. In the words of the Dalai Lama’s Australian representative, who has just endorsed our campaign – ‘China will listen to our Prime Minister’.

Let’s not waste this rare opportunity to actually make a difference to the imperiled lives of those in Tibet.

Thanks for making it happen,

Paul Bourke and Brett Solomon
and the teams at ATC and GetUp

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