US Congressional Delegation Visits Tibetan Communities in Nepal

Tibetans welcoming representative Nancy Pelosi and the high level US Congressional delegation.

NEPAL: The high-level US Congressional delegation led by Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader in the US House of Representatives, visited Jwalakhel Tibetan settlement based in Kathmandu, Nepal on 8 May 2017. Tibetan coordinator of Nepal and members of Tibetan Parliament residing in the country welcomed the delegation.

Representative Nancy Pelosi described the main purpose of visiting Nepal as an assessment of the problems and challenges facing Tibetan refugees in Nepal particularly over the issuance of refugee and resident certificates to Tibetans.

The delegation visited the Tibetan monastery and the Tibetan handicraft center of the settlement.

The US Congressional delegation during their visit to Jwalakhel Tibetan settlement in Nepal.

The US delegation with representatives of Tibetan community in Kathmandu, Nepal.