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A Chinese periodical to publish stories on Tibet

Dharamsala: A Chinese periodical ‘ Tiananmen shi bao’ published from Melbourne in Australia will post stories about the plight of Tibet and its people.

Mr Rong Jie, Editor-in-Chief of the periodical, made the announcement to publish Tibet-related stories during a dinner reception hosted to Mr Sonam Norbu Dagpo, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Australia, and Ms Dawa Dolma, Sino-Tibetan public relations co-ordinator, on 12 August in Melbourne.

The reception was arranged by the Sino-Tibetan Friendship Society, Chinese Democratic Movement Organisation and publishers of the periodical in Chinese ‘Tiananmen shi bao’ and some Chinese from the mainland.

Mr Rong Jie in his address said, although Chinese people can know about Tibet through the Chinese website of the Central Tibetan Administration in exile and other Chinese language websites, but it is very rare to find in Chinese language of a Tibetan individual’s personal life story of severe suffering under the repression of the People’s Republic of China.

He expressed his belief that if in places where Chinese people are living can write in Chinese newspapers about the Tibetan people’s real stories, then the Chinese people can understand the Tibetan cause better and know the true story of Tibet.

Representative Sonam Norbu Dagpo thanked Mr Rong Jie and staff for their decision to include Tibet-related stories in their periodical, which is a widely distributed newspaper in Australia. Representative lauded the success of Sino-Tibetan Friendship Society in building friendly relations and trust between the Chinese and Tibetan people.

Both the Democratic Movement Organisation and the Sino-Tibetan Friendship Society aim to organize a cultural exchange programme with Tibetans to understand each other better.

Representative Sonam Norbu Dagpo and Dawa Dolma were on an official visit to Melbourne from 11-15 August. They also met with the Tibetan community during the visit.