Australian Olympic Team seeks advice on Tibet protest

AUSTRALIAN Olympians have sought advice about how best to make a stand on Tibet at the Beijing games next month.

The Australia Tibet Council said it had had inquiries from some current team members as to how they could best protest China’s treatment of Tibet.

The protest group’s campaign co-ordinator Dr Simon Bradshaw said ex-athletes and those travelling to the games had also been calling the council for advice since March.

In response the ATC yesterday launched a resource pack which includes a T-shirt in Aussie green and gold with the slogan “I support human rights” in English and Mandarin.

Dr Bradshaw said there was a growing number of people who wanted to show support for Tibet but admitted those who wore the shirts, or badges and stickers with the Tibetan flag, could face consequences from Chinese authorities.

“There are a lot of socially conscious athletes out there. We have had a number of expressions of interest from people wanting to talk about ways to show support for Tibet,” he said.

“I think the message is positive and apolitical.”

The slogan was chosen to ensure there is no explicit reference to Tibet.

The packs will be provided in confidence to any Australian heading to the Beijing Games. | Link