Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 14 July 2008

8 July 2008: Serthar (Ch: Seda) County, Karze “TAP” (incorporated into a Chinese province of Sichuan) – Plain-clothed PSB arrest three monks from Larung Ngarik Nangten Lobling monastery

On 8 July, Taphun (44), Ngakchung (37), and Gudrak, all three monks from Larung Ngarik Nangten Lobling monastic institution in Serthar county, were arrested by the plain-clothed Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Chengdu City. They were visiting Chengdu City to purchase the requirements of their monastic institution. The reason for their arrest is yet to be released.

Taphun has studied over 20 years in this monastic institution and obtained its Abbot’s degree. Ngakchung and Gudrak have also served in various positions.

3 July 2008

Drakgo (Ch: Luhuo) County, Karze “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into a Chinese province of Sichuan) – A father dies from severe harassment by the PSB

Kyara Palden Drakpa (nearly 60) died suddenly at his home in the evening of 3 July. He is a father of Tsering Tso and Ugyen Lhamo, both nuns from Watak (Samtenling) nunnery in Drakgo county. (With this, death toll stands at 216)

Following the arrest of his above-mentioned daughters on 8 June for their involvement in political activities, he was often called by the PSB and severely harassed every time, which has likely caused his demise, for not providing proper advice to his daughters. They are from a very poor family.

No Specific Date

Rebgong (Ch: Tongren) County, Malho (Ch: Huangnan) “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into a Chinese province of Qinghai) – A name of one more monk arrestee from Dzongkar monastery identified

Lobsang, a monk from Dzongkar monastery in Rebgong county, was arrested in March from Lhasa. He was studying at the Drepung monastery in Lhasa during his arrest. Currently, he is being held in a prison in Gormo (Ch: Golmud) where he was also severely beaten.

Similarly, his friend Jigme Phuntsok was also arrested from Drepung monastery as reported earlier and then transferred to a prison in Gormo. It is reported that he died on 22 June from torture in prison.

Markham (Ch: Mangkang) County, Chamdo Prefecture, Kham (incorporated into “TAR”) – “Patriotic re-education” to conduct in Woeser monastery

In June, additional work-teams from Lhasa and Chamdo arrived at the Woeser monastery in Markham county to conduct “patriotic re-education” to its monks. Orders were already issued to the Abbot and the senior monks to advise the monks against staging any protest or else they shall be held responsible. The Abbot is being watched closely by the work-teams.