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Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 16 Jun 2008

20 May 2008: Lhasa – A girl shot dead for trying to meet her brother (a monk) at Tsuklakhang temple An unidentified Tibetan girl, who came from a village, was shot dead using a silencer gun by the People’s Armed…

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Dalai Lama no foe of Beijing

THE Dalai Lama has a dilemma. The spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism believes he is an honest friend of China and describes himself as pro-Chinese. He does not seek independence from China for Tibet and the six million Tibetans who…

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Dalai Lama asks Tibetans to respect China’s glory

The Dalai Lama in Sydney yesterday: There was some resentment, some dissatisfaction in minds of Tibetans over the China conflict. Photo: Daniel Munoz The Dalai Lama is feted for his patient forbearance, but he admitted yesterday that after 60 years…

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Dalai Lama optimistic about China-Tibet relations

ABC Radio | PM Program MARK COLVIN: Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, addressed the media at a press conference in Sydney. He says he’s optimistic that tensions between China and Tibet will ease. And he’s calling on his…

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Dalai Lama praises Rudd’s China stance

Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor | The Australian: THERE is one Asian national leader who has absolutely no problem with Kevin Rudd’s preoccupation with China, nor the nature of Australian policy towards Beijing. Paradoxically, that leader is His Holiness, the Dalai…