Tibetan Information Office (TIO) is based in Canberra.


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Rudd raises Tibet concerns with Chinese Premier

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has raised the issue of Tibet in talks with the Chinese Premier, but says Wen Jiabao’s private position was no different to that stated publicly by the Chinese Government. Mr Rudd has described the talks in…

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Facing up to Tibetan reality

Remember how we had to learn about the Shi’ites, the Sunnis, the Kurds and all the smaller agents of Iraqi fragmentation? Over the next four months, until the Beijing Olympics open, the world is going to get a crash course in China’s various ethnic and religious minority groups and their resentments.

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Rudd promises ‘direct’ China talks

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will be “direct and straightforward” with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao over the issue of human rights abuses in Tibet today. Mr Rudd has been criticised by Chinese leaders for again raising his concerns about…

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Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 9 April 2008

9 April 2008: Ramoche monastery (Lhasa) -Most monks from Ramoche monastery arrested. All of the monks at Ramoche monastery (except around 30 of them) were arrested today on April 7. Ramoche monastery usually houses over a 100 monks. Since the…

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Rudd raises Tibet rights issues in China

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has delivered a blunt message to China in a speech in Beijing, saying there are significant human rights problems in Tibet. “Australia, like most other countries, recognises China sovereignty over Tibet but we also believe it…

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