Dalai Lama asks Tibetans to respect China’s glory

The Dalai Lama in Sydney
The Dalai Lama in Sydney yesterday: There was some resentment, some dissatisfaction in minds of Tibetans over the China conflict. Photo: Daniel Munoz

The Dalai Lama is feted for his patient forbearance, but he admitted yesterday that after 60 years of conflict with China, Tibetans were getting resentful.

“From grandparent to parent, parent to children, children to grandchildren (the problem has continued),” he told journalists at a press conference in Sydney.

And after all that time, there was “some resentment, some dissatisfaction in minds of Tibetans”, he said.

But despite this subdued protest and a playful dig at the Chinese official who recently called the Communist Party the real Buddha for Tibetans ? the Chinese Government had to deal in realities, the Dalai Lama pointed out ? the spiritual leader was in a characteristically conciliatory mood.

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