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Latest Update on Tibet Demonstrations

22nd March, 2008
Chentsa County (Ch: Jianza) Malho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Qinghai province- Three arrested during peaceful demonstration by 800 people, 50 military trucks brought in to suppress protestors.

Around 10AM this morning, Tibetans from four villages (Drulche, Kholtsa-thang, Lugyal, and Nyamo) from Nangra Township initiated a protest that was also joined by the people of Kyareng Township (including villages Kyareng, Yulwo-che, and Lokhok).

While protesting, the Tibetan flag was swayed and the portrait of H.H. the Dalai Lama and His Serenity Panchen Rinpoche was carried along.

When the protestors reached the Chentsa County headquarters, they were joined by more protestors from the villages: Lechen, Markhu-thang, and Bartsa. Trulkus (reincarnated lamas) and respected lamas were pressured by County authorities to get the protest to end. The protest lasted till around 3pm this afternoon.

50 military trucks from Hunan Province (China) arrived today on March 22nd in the Chentsa County area. Even with the widespread and intimidating military presence, Tibetans from villages including Miri-Gongma, Miri-Sholma, Lowa, and Tsulshing held a demonstration today. During this demonstration, four people were arrested in Lokhog village by armed forces and the demonstration was stopped there. The names of the three arrestees can be confirmed. They are:

    1) Sherab
    2) Tabho
    3) Gonpa

Chigdril (Ch: Jiuzhi) County, Golog, “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Qinghai province – Over 500 monks and laypeople hold sit-down

Around 500 monks and lay people from Palyul village are holding a sit-down on a hill-top to demand that Karwang Nyima Rinpoche (Dharthang Monastery head) not be harassed by the Chinese military. The people have also demanded the United Nations, U.S. and other countries intervene to resolve the issue.

21st March, 2008
Derge (Ch: Dege) County, Karze “Tibet Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan province – Student dress up as monks

Few senior monks of Kakhong Trotso monastery gathered 50 students from Derge County. These students were dressed in monk-robes and asked to stay in the monastery for the time being.

19th March, 2008
Machu County (Ch: Maqu), Kanlho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Gansu Province- Huge number of arrests made

During numerous protests held by monks and laypeople, many arrests were made by Chinese authorities. Arrests continue to be made and few of names of the arrestees can be confirmed. There are:

    1. Lobsang Rinchen (currently a worker and a performer of Machu County’s Performing Arts group, originally from Ngulra-Kulkhor Village, Machu County)
    2. Sungrab (monk from Mura Monastery, Machu County)
    3. Dolma (a singer from a karaoke bar, Machu County)
    4. Lobsang Namgyal (monk)

The above 4 arrestees were arrested in Machu County. Names of 6 more arrestees can not be confirmed for the time being

    5. Rintang (Originally from Chu Ka Ma Village, Machu County. He was arrested during a protest in Labrang).

The people below were arrested on March 20 and 21st in Machu County.

    6. Thukho (Thupten Tsering) From Ngulra Rusar village, Macchu County
    7. Sangay Dolma (from Ngaba County)
    8. Kunchok (from Rathor Ghoe village, Machu County)
    9. Thinlay (from Nyima Village, Machu County)
    10. Namlho (from Nyima Village, Machu County)
    11. Thinlay (Postal department staff, from Nyima Village, Machu County)
    12. Dolkar Kyab (age 24 years, currently performing for Machu County’s Performing Arts group)
    13. Namtse (Namgyal Tsetan) From Gyulag Village, Chu Ka Ma township, Machu County
    14. Dorje (from Chu Ka Sha War Shi village, Machu County)
    15. Sangzin Kyi (performer of Machu County’s Performing Arts group)

On March 22, 2008, around 1PM local time, military dressed in monk robes severely beat 8 laypersons and arrested them too.

From March 19th until March 22nd, around 48 arrests have been made.

18th March, 2008
Yulshul (Ch: Yushu/Jiegu)/ Kyegudo County (Yulshul “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Qinghai province – Military warn students and staff

Around 400 students from Yulshul Middle School stripped the Chinese flag down and held a protest. The Chinese military surrendered the school premises. The school staff and students were strictly warned that today’s incident could not be told to anyone outside of the school. Furthermore, the movement of both the school staff and students has been restricted until the summer Olympics is over.

Sakya (Ch: Sajai) County, Shigatse Prefecture.

Military and work teams were sent to Sakya Monastery to advice them not to take part in future protests. There was a brief tension between the authorities and the monks. On the 19th, while protesting, the monks forced the Chinese authorities to leave the monastic premises.

Dzoege County (Ch: Ruo’ergai) Ngaba “Tibetan Autonomous Region” Sichuan Province -Huge number arrested

The following names of arrestees from March 18, 2008 can be confirmed:

    1. Damdul (42 years)
    2. Nyima Dorji (23 years)
    3. Chobhe (39 years)
    4. Thubten
    5. Dargye (27 years)
    6. Khando (15 years, arrested on March 20)
    7. Choeyang Tashi (33 years)
    8. Tenpa (17 years)
    9. Asang (22 years)
    10. Dolkar Kyab (32 years)
    11. Choezin
    12. Drokhoma
    13. Kyab Ko
    14. Tsultrim Dolma (36 years, arrested on March 21st
    15. Yonten Gyatso (monk from Thangkor Soktsang Monastery, Zoegay County)
    16. Yarphel
    17. Sonam
    18. Tenzin
    19. Yonten Shituk
    20. Yonten
    21. Jigme Gyatso
    22. Lobsang Choephel
    23. Tashi Gyatso
    24. Lobsang Woeser
    25. Lobsang Jinpa
    26. Lobsang Soepa
    27. Sherap Gyatso
    28. Jamyang Soepa
    29. Lobsang Gyatso
    30. Tenzin Gyatso
    31. Tsultrim Jungney

Gongo County (Ch: Gongjue) in Chamdo Prefecture, “Tibet Autonomous Region”

In Gongo County, a group of Tibetans from Sa-Ngen village took part in several different protests. Specific dates can not be confirmed. No further details available.

Suppression continues all over Tibet as all public spaces and monasteries are being tightly guarded by the Chinese military.