Tibetan Information Office (TIO) is based in Canberra.
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Western Australia Rally

Organisers Martin Connelly and Helen McLaughlin – Jones and a crowd of over 200 people assembled on 29th March at the Wesley Mission in Perth (Western Australia) to promote public and political awareness of the need for human rights and…

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A timely question Rudd should raise

He was called the world’s youngest political prisoner when, as a six-year-old, he was taken into Chinese custody in 1995. He has not been seen or heard of since. Indeed, the only image the world has of the Tibetan-anointed Panchen…

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Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 31 March 2008

Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County, Ngaba “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Sichuan Province – China still trying to dupe the world through imperceptive tactics The People?s Armed Police (PAP) was at Kirti monastery (in Ngaba County) on March 29th and 30th. The PAP…

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Public Statement of the Kashag (Cabinet)

The Kashag would like to issue this statement to the Tibetans — both lay and ecclesiastical — living here in Dharamsala, and through all of you, to the larger Tibetan population in and outside Tibet. Recognition of the situation inside…

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Pro-Tibet rally in Hobart

Tasmanians have joined in a series of rallies being held across the country, calling for an end to violence in Tibet. ABC News Online | Link

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