Report uncovers indiscriminate firing on Tibetan protesters in 2008

A new report confirms indiscriminate firing by the Chinese security forces on peaceful Tibetan protesters in Tibet in March 2008

DHARAMSHALA: The Central Tibetan Administration received a list of 6 Tibetans who were shot dead during peaceful demonstration in Tibet’s capital Lhasa in March 2008.

Their names tally with those which appeared in the list of casualties (death) compiled by the Central Tibetan Administration in 2008 based on information received from Tibet. An estimated 227 Tibetans have died under China’s crackdown since March 2008, out of which about 107 were shot dead by indiscriminate firing.

The deceased were identified as (1) Dechung, resident of House No 1, 6th Lugug Street in Lhasa; (2) Lhakpa Tsering, resident of House No 11, 2nd Lugug Street, Lhasa; (3) Tenzin Dolkar, resident of House No 9  Tengyeling, Bharkor; (4) Pentuk, resident of House No 1, Gaden Khangsar in Lhasa,; (5) Tashi Tsering, House No 43, Gyatso town, Lhasa, under town council (6) Wangdue Dhargye, resident of 5th division of block development office, Lhasa.

The report said they participated in the peaceful protest against five decades of wrong policies of the Chinese government.

Following the March protest, the Chinese government gave false information on Tibetans killed and wounded during the so called “3-14 incident” to the international media in a serious of press conferences convened by the government’s Public Security Bureau in Beijing. Moreover, it deliberately tried to cover up brutal killing of Tibetan protesters by the Chinese security forces.

The new report, therefore, exposed the Chinese government’s premeditated attempts to delude the international community over its ruthless firing on peaceful Tibetan protesters in March 2008.