The Kashag appeals Exile Tibetans to contribute to “4-14 Yushu Earthquake Charity Committee”

Dharamshala: The Kashag, the executive body of Central Tibetan Administration, through a circular yesterday has urged the exile Tibetans to contribute to the relief of Tibetans in Kyigudo, Kham, Tibet, hit by the 6.9 Richter scale earthquake on April 14,2010.

The Kashag has recalled that the earthquake has not only killed so many Tibetans, injured even more and has destroyed almost everything, including the basic dwellings of the region, causing unimaginable sufferings to the victims. Undoubtedly it is not only proper but the responsibility of all Tibetans in exile in the free world – individually and collectively, to do our utmost in solidarity for their relief and support.

In the past as and when natural disasters struck in Tibet, individual Tibetans and organisations had organised relief on their own. There had been no collective relief measures for lack of organisation, though the need for such measures were felt by many.

In the current situation, a voluntary organisation called ” 4-14 Yushu Earthquake Charity Committee” has been formed by youths from Kyigudo, now residing in Dharamsala. It plans to reach relief, both human and material, to the region. As the Kashag has noted that if its request could be taken up by all Tibetans in exile, it would be of great benefit for Tibetans in Tibet and in exile for now and later, the Kashag has decided to channelise its support through this organisation.

The Kashag has, therefore, urged all Tibetans in exile – individuals, monasteries, co-operatives, foundations or trusts – in India, Nepal, Bhutan and abroad, to contribute any relief, materially and monetarily, through “4-14 Yushu Earthquake Charity Committee”.