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Tibetan Parliament Congratulates Liu Xiaobo on Winning Nobel Peace Prize

Dharamshala: The Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile today congratulated Liu Xiaobo on winning this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, calling the award as a new chapter in the advancement of democracy and respect of human rights in China.

“On behalf of the Tibetans, the Tibetan Parliament in Exile wishes to express hearty congratulations to Liu Xiaobo for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2010. The Nobel Peace Prize to Liu by the Nobel Committee marks a new chapter in the development of democracy and respect of human rights in China,” the Tibetan Parliament in Exile said in a press release.

“Liu’s longstanding contribution to democratize China under very severe circumstances through non-violent means to represents the aspiration of the Chinese people at large in its vision to see China to respect, adopt and adhere to international norms and principles of modern representative democracy.”

“This award is a clarion call to the leadership of PRC to transform China in a peaceful way that will be beneficial to the people and China as a nation in the long run in conformity with its growing power. Liu also represents many others in China, who have been incarcerated for reasons as simple as fundamental right to freedom of expression and association.”

The Tibetan Parliament expressed its hope that the “award would wake up the conscience of the Chinese leadership and act as a catalyst to release Liu and many others who are undergoing political repression”.

“We hope Liu Xiaobo will be able to attend the presentation ceremony in Oslo on the 10th December 2010,” the Parliament said.