Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 15 July 2008

No Specific Date: Palbar (Ch: Bianba) County, Chamdo Prefecture, Kham (incorporated into “TAR”) – 4 arrested: 2 for raising voice against unequal opportunities, 2 for sharing information

Palden Choedak and Nyidor, both men from Nyinmo township in Palbar county, were arrested by the concerned Public Security Bureau (PSB) from the locality at the beginning of July. It is reported that their arrest is likely linked with raising of their voice against the Han domination in the government officials and the PSB. They have also demanded equal employment opportunities to the Tibetans. Detailed information is not available.

Lobsang Choejor, a resident of the same township and a monk of Bhenkar monastery in Driru county, and his elder brother Dorjee Tashi, a lay person, were arrested by the county PSB for their alleged involvement in sharing information about the Tibet protests to the outside world. Their whereabouts and other detailed information are not available.

Driru (Ch: Biru) County, Nagchu Prefecture, “TAR” – 11 given sentences to two and five years

Drakpa Gyaltsen and Naymay, both monks from Gyalsho Bhenkar monastery in Bhenkar township, Driru county, were sentenced to two years in prison this March.

Similarly, three monks (Bhuchung Norwa, Bhu Tengay, and Tsokchok) from the above-mentioned monastery and six lay people (Lhakpa Tashi, Dorjee, Lhakpa, Kyayou, Zumril, and Woetro) from the same township were given nine years of sentences this May. All the 11 were imposed sentences at different times.

A few small monks from Gyalsho Bhenkar monastery were beaten by some Chinese businessmen last December which was followed by a strong protest from the Tibetans to the Chinese government against their ethnic discrimination.

Gradually, the monks have started opposing the “patriotic re-education”. Therefore, around 270 monks and lay people were arrested and detained in Driru county prison. Among them, Loten Bhumo and Sherab, both women, were released later upon paying the fine. They have suffered more in prison as both of them have given birth to babies recently.