Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 16 July 2008

12 July 2008: Ngaba (Ch: Aba) County, Ngaba “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into a Chinese province of Sichuan) – Security cameras being installed in Tokdhen monastery to closely watch the movements of its monks

An additional People’s Armed Police (PAP) arrived at Tokdhen monastery in Ngaba county on 12 July and intensified the restrictions. The monastery is wired up in order to install the security cameras to closely watch the movements of the monks.

Those monks who have fled the monastery were ordered to return before 15 July. Whereabouts of Lama Kyab and Trinkho, both monks from Tokdhen monastery who were arrested this March, are unknown. The Chinese authorities have started intensifying restrictions in the monasteries in Ngaba county.

10 July 2008

Lhasa – One more arrested allegedly for undertaking political activities

Thupten, around 40-year-old businessman, was arrested from his house by the Public Security Bureau (PSB) in Lhasa on 10 July as he was suspected of carrying out political activities. His whereabouts is unknown.

He was born in a place near Dhargye monastery in Karze county, Kham, and is a resident of Lhasa

30 June 2008

Sangchu (Ch: Xiahe) County, Kanlho “TAP”, Amdo (incorporated into a Chinese province of Gansu) – Two arrested monks from Labrang monastery transferred to Lanzhou in China

On around 30 June, Tsultrim Gyatso (37) and Chone Khedup (around 40), both monks from Labrang monastery in Labrang township, Sangchu county, were shifted to a prison in Lanzhou in China.

The Chinese forces have searched for them following their escape to the mountain during the recent protests. They were arrested under gunfire by the Chinese forces.

No Specific Date

Karze (Ch: Ganzi) County, Karze “TAP”, Kham (incorporated into a Chinese province of Sichuan) – Ten monks from an unidentified monastery shifted to Sangyib Prison

In July, around 10 monks from an unidentified monastery located in Karze county were transferred to Sangyib Prison towards the north of Lhasa. Tenzin Soepa, Nyima Tashi, and Gelek were identified among them. Detailed information regarding their arrest and others are not available.

According to some sources, they are likely from Kathok monastery in Palyul (Ch: Baiyu) county, Karze “TAP”.