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Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 1 May 2008

1 May 2008: Toelung Dechen (Ch: Duilongdeqing) County, Lhasa Municipality Evidences being destroyed by the Chinese army

The Chinese armed forces in their attempt to wipe out any kind of evidence related to the recent protests in Tibet are burning all the dead bodies of people who have been killed since the March 14 protest in Tibet.

On 28th March, around 83 corpses were burnt altogether in an electrical crematorium, which was built by the Chinese government a few years back in the Dhongkar Yabdha shang town in Toelung Dechen county under Lhasa Municipality.

Moreover, some eyewitness accounts confirmed that at around10.30 pm (Lhasa local time) on March 17, dead bodies of several were seen in two army trucks near a petrol pump located towards the west of Lhasa [this petrol pump has been one of the most restricted sites since the protests began in Tibet]

Due to a heavy traffic jam around this petrol pump, a few Tibetans reported having seen blood discharges from the two trucks that were carrying dead bodies. In addition to this, there are more reports of dead bodies being transported to Toelung Dechen County in army trucks.

On the evening of March 15, an eyewitness source confirmed seeing dead bodies being carried in a truck towards Toelung County.

Many Tibetans who have been injured since the starts of the protests in Tibet continue to die in People?s Hospital with no immediate medical care.

Moreover, one monk who was arrested from Drepung Monastery on 12th April also died in prison. But there are no further details explaining his death. Two more women are also reported dead immediately after their release from a prison in Lhasa.

Following is the list of four new names* we can confirm for people who have been killed since the March protests in Tibet.

Both of them are brothers and died around the March 14 protest in Tibet. No further details are available.

* In addition to the already released 61 total names and details of Tibetans killed during the recent demonstrations, here we are releasing 3 more names (with details) from the current death toll list which stands well over 140.

Lhakpa Tsering (his name already reported on the death toll list) was killed after a gun shot to his forehead by the Chinese Armed Forces on March 14 at Lugug Street. He was a resident within the premises of gate number 11 (external boundary) ; gate no 1 (internal boundary) in Lugug Street. He is survived by his 2 year old child. He worked as a tourist taxi driver in Lhasa. Although his family did receive his dead body, but the local security forces took the body with them claiming that they needed to investigate the body at the People?s Procuratorate. His body was later burnt in Toelung County. His family was just given a bag containing some ashes with his name written on it.