Press Release from The Kashag – 1 May 2008

The Kashag (Cabinet of the Tibetan Government in exile), Dharamsala: We strongly condemn the arbitrary sentences imposed on the 30 Tibetans involved in the recent protests in Tibet. The penalty imposed on the 30 Tibetans ranges from three years to life imprisonment for merely exercising their freedom of expression. These sentences are disproportionate to what the Chinese authorities say are the “crimes” they committed.

These trials were not fair and transparent, did not follow the due process of law and the accused were denied independent lawyers to defend their case.

We fear that many such arbitrary trials will follow to lock up all those Tibetans presently under detention. All such future trials must be open and transparent. Those under trial deserve independent lawyers who can defend their case without fear and favour.

Most importantly we urge the Chinese government to do away with this pretence of a fair trial and release immediately all those Tibetans presently under detention.

The Kashag