Update on Tibet Demonstrations, 16 Jun 2008

20 May 2008: Lhasa – A girl shot dead for trying to meet her brother (a monk) at Tsuklakhang temple

An unidentified Tibetan girl, who came from a village, was shot dead using a silencer gun by the People’s Armed Police (PAP) outside the southern gate of the Tsuklakhang temple, in Lhasa, at about 12:00 noon somewhere around May 20.

She was visiting her brother who is a monk of Tsuklakhang temple. However, the PAP, who are guarding outside the temple, denied her permission to visit the temple. She then had an argument with the PAP. While she was having argument, another PAP shot her silently from behind. She died on the spot. A witness reported that she bled from her chest after she fell.

People were dispersed from the scene at gun-point. Her body was later taken away by the PAP. Some of our sources reported that she was from Lhokha. No further details are available.

As a huge contingent of PAP has been deployed in Lhasa from other locations, it is reported that many Tibetans were beaten-sometimes harsh words were used on them-even for not quickly showing their identity cards when demanded by the PAP.