Tibetan Information Office (TIO) is based in Canberra.


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Latest Update on Tibet Demonstrations

22nd March, 2008 Chentsa County (Ch: Jianza) Malho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Qinghai province- Three arrested during peaceful demonstration by 800 people, 50 military trucks brought in to suppress protestors. Around 10AM this morning, Tibetans from four villages (Drulche, Kholtsa-thang, Lugyal,…

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Peaceful Demonstration – Melbourne, 28 March 2008

Tibetan monks and nuns will lead a peaceful protest in Melbourne on Friday 28 March against injustice and violence in Tibet. This will be a peaceful demonstration devoted to prayer and contemplation. Please join us at one or both of…

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Tibet: Australia seeks access for its diplomats

AUSTRALIA has stepped up pressure on China by asking for its diplomats to be allowed to travel to embattled Tibet. Foreign Minister Stephen Smith said Australia was seeking permission for its diplomats to go into Tibet to ensure the safety…

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UN Sports Advisor to Visit China

BERLIN, 19 Mar 2008: German politician Willi Lemke, the United Nations’ (UN) new Special Representative for Sports and Development, will visit China “as soon as possible”, it was announced on Wednesday. “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wants me to inform him…