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Afternoon Update: Tibet Demonstrations

Afternoon update for Tuesday, 25th March 2008, last updated 2pm (IST) March 24 and 25, 2008 Drakgo (Ch: Luhuo) County, Karze “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” Sichuan province. At least one person killed and 9 arrested during protest by hundreds. On March…

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Morning Update: Tibet Demonstrations

Morning update for Monday, 25th March 2008, last updated 11am (IST) Ramoche monk dies from starvation as tight restrictions continue in Monasteries. Since the start of the Demonstrations in Tibet on March 10, there has been an increasingly strong military…

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Melbourne: 200 Tibetans, Monks, Nuns Protest

Melbourne, Australia – Sunday, 23rd March, 2008 Yesterday, the Tibetan Community of Victoria organized a peace march for Tibet from the Victorian Parliament to the Chinese consulate. The Tibetan Community and their Australian friends walked in protest against the Tibetan…

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Latest Update on Tibet Demonstrations

22nd March, 2008 Chentsa County (Ch: Jianza) Malho “Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Qinghai province- Three arrested during peaceful demonstration by 800 people, 50 military trucks brought in to suppress protestors. Around 10AM this morning, Tibetans from four villages (Drulche, Kholtsa-thang, Lugyal,…